About BathwoRx LA

BathwoRx Los Angeles is a joint venture between award winning extract artist, Daniel de Sailles (Top Shelf Extracts/Secret Cup) and licensed holistic esthetician Stephanie Thompson (Skin.Matter). Our products are 100% natural and 92% organic and are formulated with the highest quality ingredients. We NEVER include ARTIFICAL COLORANT, FRAGRANCES, DYES, or PRESERVATIVES. All products are skin-safe and non-toxic. We believe it is important to source only pesticide-free, non-GMO herbs, extracts, and essential oils. We are committed to using high quality CBD isolate in place of crude oils or pressed resins to ensure consistency of dose and efficacy. We infuse our products into a liposomal delivery system to protect cannabinoids paired with a proprietary terpene blend to help supercharge absorbency. Our products are intended to impart a body high- a euphoric, dissociative, pain relieving and sedative effect, as well as offer an organic, alternative remedy to dozens of body ailments. With over ten years of experience helping to bring high quality cannabis medicine to patients, we are confident we can offer relief and relaxation to you and your loved ones.


To Healing, Stephanie and Dan

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